Classism Among Sexworkers

    Alexandria Fox · March 23, 2016 · Sexwork: Past and Present · 0 comments

  defines classism as, “a biased or discriminatory attitude based on distinctions made between social or economic classes.” We see this attitude in our politics when politicians give huge tax breaks to corporations or corporations are defined as persons and hence have the rights of real people in litigation, property and the handling of hazardous waste materials. We see this expressed in the ever increasing gentrification of major cities around the US as poor people are pushed out of areas as developers raise rents and build million dollar high rise condos. Classism starts early and is taught early. From the time we enter kindergarten we know well the have’s and the have not’s—from the clothing our classmates wear to the way teachers treat our less fortunate fellows and thus us as well by extension.

    The world of sexwork is a highly stratified world with women at the very bottom rungs clinging to the concrete with broken heels, bare breasts and legs in freezing cold walking a track or others entertaining some of the wealthiest of men charging up to $40,000 per night who gaze through their lashes from on high like ethereal and untouchable beings to the average guy or girl. It is an oft repeated line that, “Women charge what they believe they are worth” with stress on the word “believe”. I get that there are a great many women who have body insecurities—who believe they need to lose weight, get larger/smaller breasts or perform some other sort of body modification in order to charge more for their time. Others are simply insecure or feel/know they are in a market that will not support the rate for companionship that they wish to charge. When the worlds of the $150/hr  Backpage girl and the $1,200/hr VIP worldwide travel Eros girl collide there will be fireworks. Guess who looks down their nose at their sister???

    Everyone had to start somewhere. The $1,200/hr international companion didn’t just burst onto the scene like a d2312e43e5954a851cc510c4c100fe21supernova and take the travel companion world by storm, she typically worked up to that via trial and error and learning strategic business marketing strategies. She treats her companionship like the business that it is and has cultivated sharp business acumen and has made an art out of closing the deal. The $150 BP girl often looks up to her—stealing ad copy, mimicking photos as best she can to sound more “VIP and refined” but shies away from contacting Ms. VIP because she often is acutely aware of the classism that exist between BP and VIP companions.

    “Women charge what they believe they are worth” with stress on the word “believe”.

    I personally would say that 70% of my encounters with women who are at the highest rungs of the escort world have been tremendously positive and I believe a lot of that has to do with my approach and genuine curiosity with how they achieved their status. However, I have heard horror stories from others who sought the advice of such women. Snide remarks, hateful sarcastic emails or phone calls where their tone is filled with so much snobbery that women have ended a call feeling dejected, small and deserving of their “lower status”. Ladies, when those who charge less than you for the same companionship contact you sincerely asking how you got to where you are be of good cheer and truly try to assist and set aside the classism that so permeates our industry. To say that because someone advertises in so-and-so place they are low class, their pictures are all bare-all selfies and their websites are shabby or there is a total lack of one doesn’t make them lower than you and less deserving of your advice should they seek it. For some, yes—what you see is what you get, but I think for a good percentage of women advertising on boards and classifieds they simply don’t know better. As I grow in my knowledge, I feel it is a duty to extend help to those who contact me sincerely asking and who genuinely want to present themselves in the most flattering light possible. I think when a professional gentleman goes looking for companionship, he would like to see a bevy of beauties who he later finds out champion and protect one another no matter their rate for companionship. Remember: Cattiness is never sexy in the Cathouse, ladies.

    Take the “ism” of Class,

    Alexandria Fox

    Alexandria Fox


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