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    Alexandria Fox · October 05, 2011 · The Smut Files · 0 comments
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    I hate to put a mind to bed clean, so here are a just a few of my most recent naughty thoughts:
    # 1
    My favorite pieces of you….
    I like the feel of your skin on my tongue. The way you clench your thighs as I draw you to me with my hand at the back of your neck…
    The angles of your face drawn as if in relief. The smell of you sour and sweet. The curve at the base of your spine. The way your feet fit into my hands. The rise of your hips under me. The taste of you, wet and hard on my tongue.
    Mix for topping…
    What would you give for five minutes between the thighs of that woman you just walked past, the woman you sat next to on the train, or that woman you saw crossing the street?
    Her on the street. Me in the car thinking about biology. I see a gleaned thigh poised in midstep and suddenly the only Biology I can think about is her. Her cafe au latte’ skin, the curls of her shorn hair teasing the nape of her neck…..and me. The rise and fall of her breasts as she watches passing traffic. The rise and fall of her thighs as she continued en route to parts unknown. The swing of her hips that I have already imagined open to me. Her.
    I want to imagine her on the hood of my car, skirt hiked up so I can eat her raw until she is softened just so…I want the heat of her to brush over me as I fuck her. I want to feel the rush of blood under my thumb as I hold her neck. I want to feel the beauty of evolution embrace my 9″ inch round. I want to fuck her so bad I can feel the pressure from the seam of my pants. Her.
    Did I just see that dark chocolate walk past? Succulant ass piled high on supreme legs encased in 6 inches of pure decadence. She shopped carefully for those chocolate alligator shoes!
    I thank the heavens for her vanity!
    See I’m not saying I’m not an ass man, and legs are lovely, but what I really love……..are feet. Hers are perfect size six. But feet aren’t enough if not properly served. Hers suggested I pay homage by letting her walk all over my third leg.
    Just like cake in a pan, the heat had me rising. Threatening a creamy mousse filling for those shoes, while I taste her toes on my tongue. Just light licks down the arch of her foot has my dick jumping as if to the beat of a marching band. My hands holding her calg firmly so the arch is perfectly served. Skin softened and light to my tongue’s undulations.
    When I start to shiver from head to toe, my pussy starts to sing. Wetness pours down your thigh. My acoustic body becomes a symphony of moans, pants, and fits of pleasure. As I bite your neck you enter me. My face reflects various stages of surrender even as I hold you down. I want to watch my reflection in your eyes as I ride.  My thighs quiver even as they widen to allow you more access. I love it when you fuck me. I love it when I fuck you. I love it when we fuck.
    Willingly and wistfully…
    Alexandria Fox

    Alexandria Fox

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