Doggy Treats

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    Walking down the street, sitting at a restaurant or even riding in the car you can’t keep your hands off me. I know you salivate at the sight of my gym honed derriere as you imagine running your hands down the curve of my waist to my hips in full view of everyone. Gives you quite the hard on doesn’t it? You paw at me like a kitten searching for its mother’s milk teat. You’re always overzealous in your show of affection and desire for my attentions and the sweet nectar that you have yet to sample that lies between my thighs.

    “Baby don’t you want me?” Those words peek incessantly from between your quivering lips almost in a whisper. To deny you of my affections is your greatest painful pleasure. My sweet little sub whom I deny so many things. You reach for my hand at the dinner table and I instantly pull away shooting you an icy cold glance as I put the toe of the red Jimmy Choo’s you recently purchase into the softness of your balls under the table. As you visibly wince, our waiter approaches, “More wine for the Madame?” I nod his awaiting hand in the direction of my glass whilst never taking my eyes off your own. A knowing smile slides across my lips. You’re on your hands and knees tonight.

    New York is said to be the city that never sleeps which is true on a very visceral level. You can feel the tired insomniac nights blindly blanketing everyone. It’s wet, suffocating and oppressive. I stare at the colony of human ants rushing to and fro from our window in Midtown Manhattan and I realize how bored I am with the human condition. Turning from the mind numbing frenzy on the streets below I turn to you. You seem to be enjoying the comfortable bed I have made for you in your carrier. I have provided you with a nice slut puppy pillow that is overstuffed and lines the floor of your crate. You look at me with woeful eyes through the aluminum bars and leather dog mask and whine. “No! You are not allowed out. You didn’t obey Madame’s commands and therefore are in time out.” I take another sip of the champagne you provided and walk over to your crate. I run my hands over the top and sides and you lean into it like the pitiful pussy hound that you are. You whine for my affections and attention once more. “Hmmm…perhaps you should be given a second chance to fully please Madame?” I speak my thoughts aloud. Your ass wriggles in excitement at the thought of being given a second go of things.

    I slowly unlock the door and take up your leash and quickly put you through your paces. “Sit!” I command you firmly but softly. You eagerly comply and sit as I like: legs folded under you, tail out in the style of a Japanese monk. I smile and pat your head, “Good boy”, I say as I walk around you taking note of your posture. “Now my sweet doggie, I have boots and a cock that require polishing and each must be licked clean or else you will not receive the treat that is coming to you at the end.” I watch your eyes grow wide with pained passion at the thought of completing your tasks 80882improperly. You love the treats I have given you in the past. Always a surprise and always deliciously delightful experiences that none other than myself can provide. I suddenly notice your cock growing hard at your salacious thoughts. “You were not told to think about your treat!” Sharp is my tongue as I scold the unsightliness of your desire. “You best keep your mind in check or do you require assistance with that as well?” You utter a shameful and muffled response of, “yes Mistress”, as I retrieve a small wooden box from a drawer. I stand over you, leash in hand and command you to lie down and submit to me. Gaze lowered, you roll over onto your back and from the box I remove the stainless steel penis chastity cage from its box. “Now…should you not be able to control your thoughts any further whilst attending to your duties I’m certain this will do it for you.” I unlock the device to reveal small metal nubs covering the inside. You my sweet little mutt are a master of your own denial and pleasure. Handcrafted in Germany to my specifications and given as a gift to me for my birthday, you willingly submitted fully to me summer of last year. I run my velvet gloved hands across the shafted of your penis and cup your balls. Your abdomen quivers as you try and stifle the pleasure experienced from my touch. I place the softness of what makes you a man inside and lock you in. “Now sit and show me your loyalty.” Chin up, I command from the bench at the foot of the bed. You kneel before me and take my VixSkin cock fully into your greedy mouth. I watch your tongue caress the tip as you move to the end of the shaft and back down again. You suck my cock just the way I like it sucked and I smile at such good behavior and training. No sooner than you have started, a knock comes to the door and you tensely pause. “No one commanded you to stop or pay attention to whatever guests I might have! Keep going my slutty pet!” I say icily down to you as the door slowly opens…it’s your wife.

    “Sorry I’m a little early”, breathlessly she rushes in and removes her coat, “I couldn’t take the suspense anymore…I had to come up and see it with my own eyes.” Your eyes widen and you instinctively reach for the dog mask and attempt to rise to your feet as if you’re once again free to enter the humanly mundane realm of polite normalcy. I jerk your leash and pull your slutty little face close to mine. “I didn’t not issue a command! Did I?!” Your eyes do a millisecond dance of emotions. Confusion, shame, pleasure, anger and terror at the unknown wash across them. “Has he had his walk yet or do I need to take him potty before I mount him?” You hear the voice of your wife behind you. Inwardly you are confused and embarrassed by this predicament. Is she speaking of the “walks” I take you on? What does she know?! How long has she known?! Is she my Mistress in training?! What have she and I been doing when you are not around?! Before minions of your mind can formulate another thought, you feel her leather clad hands petting the exposed cool flesh of your ass. You missed an important piece of the conversation as your mind raced in confusion as to why your wife was present and the humiliation at her seeing you like this but you know–you know what is about to happen because your cock is attempting to respond. Your mind suddenly snaps to the dull ache in your groin. Your cock is crying out from within its oppressive chamber but its cry for attention and pleasure go unnoticed…even by you.

    “I’ve always wondered where you scurried off to on extended lunch breaks, false business trips and weekend getaways with the boys.” She spoke with a sneer in her voice. You could hear that the she was relishing in the sight of your subjugation. She continued, “Now I know where you were all these times…all these years. You were having your little masochistic desires satisfied.” She stands in front of you as you still kneel before my hard cock wet and dripping with your spit. Your slutty little prick strains in its cage at the sight of your wife in patent leather black ankle boots with metal heels, black crotchless fishnets, patent leather waist cincher and her petite creamy breast exposed. Her nipples fully erect and flushed and her flame red hair neatly coifed into School Mistress perfection. “What in God’s sweet breathless fuck?!” The words fell from your lips before your mind was able to catch them but it was too late. Punishment was sure to come but how you were unsure. “You speak without command. GO HOME!” I point to the giant dog crate in the furthest corner of the room. Without hesitation you crawl to the crate as your wife follows and joyously locks you in. What the fuck is all you can think as you watch her walk away.

    !!zz-crushedlove*Lisa was my fuck buddy in grad school. Always horny and with an insatiable appetite for hedonism, she expanded my mind far beyond that which I thought I knew. We wore cocks under our clothes to gay bars and would rub against the men while on the dance floor delighting in their confused faces and hard cocks as we made out or retreated to the bathrooms to fuck each other. A couple of times we took their sweet assholes in the alley behind the bars; taking turns lifting our skirts and plunging delightfully deep into their flesh–faster and harder than the next. Once home we would fuck until the sun came up or until someone passed out. Her pussy was sweet and her clit was always engorged and on the verge of orgasm. She always sought to bend sexual reality and to push the boundaries of gender and sexual orientation ensuring that anyone who engaged with us was thoroughly orgasmically spent and left questioning everything they have ever known about theirs and others sexuality. If it was human and could give consent, she proved a willing and enthusiastic partner.

    I remember the going away party she threw for me when I decided to move away from New Orleans after completion of my degree. I thought we had sucked and fucked the city dry but leave it to Lisa to send me off with the smell of her cunt and those flashing eyes indelibly imprinted upon my mind. I walked into my flat on Tchoupitoulas street (commonly known as the “Chop”) and threw my keys and bag into the darkness tired and beat from defending my thesis over nanoparticles synthesis and surface modification. “Fuck!”, I shouted into the darkness, “Those bitches grilled me but I put on a good show.” I said as I open the fridge reaching for the wine I had been saving for the occasion when suddenly my mind caught movement out of the corner of my eye. My blood ran cold.  I counted myself lucky to not have been mugged, raped or robbed in New Orleans but I guess my day had come. Before I could gather up my courage to face my attacker, Lisa walks out of the darkness in nothing but tiny leather driving gloves and smallish black leather eye mask. “I see that you have returned.” She cut her brilliant green eyes towards me and reached for the wine herself. I allow my eyes to dance across her naked form. Her buttocks and thighs are blotchy and the lips of her pussy swollen. “I see someone has been having fun without me? Who’s been fucking you all day while I have been stuck with academic eunuchs?” I exclaimed as I took a sip from the glass she’s poured for me. Without a word she led me into my bedroom where I find several men and women in various states of being bound, gagged, suspended or simply chained. All are silently awaiting instruction. “A sweet gift for my sweet?” She says questioning if I find the sights before me pleasing. I picked her up and threw her upon the bed and spread her creamy thighs wide locking her ankles into the shackles hidden within the posts of my bed. Her cunt was flushed, engorged and already running wet with desire for my lips. Without saying a word, I took her fully into my mouth and began sucking her clit and flicking it quickly with my tongue. I could feel my own cunt growing wetter but my mind was focused on the myriad ways to use all those she had sexually enslaved to our desires for the hours to come. I stopped her short of orgasm and said, “For the rest of the night you will be chained to the bed and I want to watch you please everyone here tonight. You’re no longer in charge…after all this is my going away gift and I intend to enjoy every moment of it.” My eyes were locked on hers as they blazed bright green with frustrated desire. I moved and unbound several of the men first whose cocks were already dripping with desire to fuck every hole she had available. One by one I watched as she sucked and swallowed every last bit of semen, as the women rode her face orgasm after body shaking orgasm and as the men plundered her greedy cunt and asshole. I watched…I drank my wine and slid my hand back and forth over my own throbbing clit and simply watched. I relished in every moan, quiver, spurt of cum and orgasm.

    We connected a few times after that but eventually we lost touch. I moved to Atlanta and started work in biotech but found myself bored with the sexual landscape of the city until I discovered the pleasures of femdom and consequently who I would come to discover was Lisa’s husband, *Robert, whom we both have in a giant dog crate in Midtown Manhattan.


    “You owe me your lips and tongue on my clit until I leave cum running down your chin.” She continued, “I was furious that you left my orgasm to the slaves I brought you and never once did you join…you watched and pleasured yourself as some sort of existential voyeur goddess.” Her words were filled with emotion which was unusual for her…but then again it had been six years since we last spoke or fucked for that matter. I looked her up and down and without a word I took to my task lapping up every bit of her sweet wetness as I relished in the increasing firmness of her clit as she increasingly became aroused. Tongue darting in and out and lips sucking the inner lips of her vagina I brought her to a screaming climax as she let out a stream that poured over my breast and fully saturated the bed. Surprised I said, “So I see you have mastered squirting? My, my Robert must be good at something I see!” I turned towards the crate to find you panting ferociously as your cock dribbled helplessly between your legs. “Yes…yes he has been good at many things but boring all the same. When I found out that he had a Madame I was furious at first, but remembered well our time a few years prior and took to secretly dressing and attending the parties my husband thought that he was secretly attending. Once I discovered he was seeing you however, I could no longer hide as I wanted to partake in his pain and some pleasure for myself as well.” Your wife, Lisa, issues her statement with barely disguised malice as she walks to the crate and removes you, our slut puppy. Taking the key, she dangles it in your face. “Slut puppy want a little treat? Well he has to present his asshole to Mistress like the good little butt slut he is then!” You lower the upper half of your body while on all fours and present your bottom to your wife. “Hmmm…”, she exclaims as she removes your tail plug, “I see your Madame has prepared it nicely.” She steps into a harness and dildo and slides her dick effortlessly into your ass. Your body quakes as she mounts you. Cock still caged and straining against its enclosure, you are now begging for it to be released. “Please! Please! My…my…” The words sputter from your lips as they are unclearly formed in your mind yet seek escape to lend credence to your desires. Lisa hands me the key and I release you from bondage. Your cock as if a sprung from solitary confinement seems lifeless at first but quickly gains its bearings. Thick, veiny and fully erect she takes your cock and strokes it as she fucks your asshole deep at the same time. Your knees feel as though they will give out at any moment from the pleasure of your wife’s deep thrust into your body. Just when you think you can’t take any more, the damn bursts and you spew thick, ropy streams of cum all over the hotel rug. “Goddamnit! Now look what you have done you little slut! Soiled the rug now lick it up!” I stand over you and watch in delight as you lick up the mess you made. Every last little protein packed drop that is you.  Before you have a chance to recover, I bring you to your feet and bind your arms behind your back and bend you over the bed and take your ass for my own. You can’t believe what’s happening and there isn’t an ounce of fight left in you. Why fight the devious pleasure your body is responding to…that it cravenly begs for? Cock already hard again, your wife slides under you and you sink your thick cock deep into her wet, tight pussy. Your eyes roll back in your head as your relish the fullness you feel. Uncontrollably you thrust harder and faster, deeper into her cunt as I grip her hips to thrust harder and faster, deeper into your asshole. Your ass swallows my cock and loves it. It’s almost just as wet and greedy as your wife’s sweet pussy.

    Written by Alexandria Fox

    Written by Alexandria Fox

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