Pre-Booking vs Expressing Interest

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    There is quite a bit of difference betweenHi, are you available? I am interested in meeting you.Or…Hey are you available now/later/tomorrow? I saw your ad.

    Be the outstanding gentleman that I am sure you are and understand that a touring lady’s time is at a premium. To enjoy some quality private time or a night out on the town, your intentions must be easily decipherable. The aforementioned is merely an expression of interest and cannot be taken as a serious inquiry as to availability and a serious desire to become a patron.

    Well, I am seriously nervous (or…this is my first time…I have privacy/safety concerns…I have been burned before), Alex, and I have also emailed ladies before only to find them busy or they didn’t respond to my email…

    My question to you is…

    Were you booking at date or were you merely expressing interest?

    The elements that are contained in a serious pre-booking are the necessary details complied in ONE email that allow me to quickly get back to you with a “YES!”

    • City and state you are requesting to meet in.

    The best emails have the subject line of: Appointment Request for Anytown, Anystate USA. Guys, this is the

    Source: Awesome wallpapers, Everywhere is “Greenville”!

    U.S. and just because you see someone who has caught your eye is in your area, if she is not from there she may not recognize the city name. Quick Facts: There is are 34 cities named “Greenville” and the city name appears TWICE in the same state often. Seeing that a lady has listed “Greenwich” only to find she is in CT and not the Village can be a bummer. So, please when making a request, list the city and state also.

    • Two dates and two times that work with your schedule.

    This is scheduling 101: You want to cover all your bases and put forth all your options in the event one doesn’t work, right? Do it upfront and you are more likely to get the woman of your dreams in your arms (and horizontal) without the multiple emails back and forth. Better still: Email 24-72 hours in advance along with your requested days and the gods of pleasure will ensure an experience like none other. I know sometimes you can’t plan in advance, and there is an itch that needs to be scratched right now, but even for same day requests try and give yourself at least 4-6 hours lead time.

    • Your patronage level of interest.

    You’re thinking 90 minutes but would really like to get cozy so four hours is also of interest (I really do cook in the nude…and in heels), but you’re not sure. Why not ask what I would suggest AFTER screening has been completed? Did I tell you that I can also read minds? Right now you are thinking,Of course you’re going to suggest one of the higher patronage levels!Not at all. I make suggestions based upon personality type, “desires”, kinks and proclivities. Where 90 minutes works, 3 hours isn’t required.

    • Your board or membership information.

    If you are a member of any of the hobby boards such as TER, ECCIE, etc or if you are a P411 or RS2K member, please let me know immediately. Having this upfront streamlines the booking process in unbelievable ways! Trust me, this applies to most any U.S. based companion. If you do not have this and are new to all of this, don’t worry! Just relay that bit of information and you will be guided as to how to proceed.

    • At least three companion references or ONE from a very well-know companion.

    Making us dig this information out of you puts a damper on the mood and worse still us having to dig to find her website or a current ad often turns up zero results. Do you know how many companions that go by Lauren, Ashley, or Taylor there are? TONS! Providing her name, email and website/ad link is an act of sexiness! You want me on your arm and later for an evening aperitif, right?

    • First and last name, the email you wish to be contacted on and a discreet phone number.

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    I think I just heard your mind scream and come to a grinding halt. It’s ok…woosaah and breathe…you can do this without compromising yourself as I have spoken about here, here, here. Also give instructions as to how you wish your number to be used. I personally never text—ever—unless it is to give or receive directions. Period. I do not email unless I have your prior consent. I also do not keep ANY of your information post screening whether we decide to meet or not. Why? My reputation as one of the top Ebony providers depends on being as discreet and as private as possible. I have excellent reviews for a reason this being chief among them.

    She Posted Tour Dates But Didn’t Show!

    The old chicken and egg argument of the industry:I pre-booked with her but she didn’t show, therefore I no longer do pre-bookings…and she continues to no show your city because far too many guys in said city are thinking the same way.

    Places where the cost of living is high have expensive accommodations. At $250+ per night in San Francisco, Boston, LA and other cities it becomes financially unwise to fly/drive to any of those cities without a set number of pre-booked patrons. Pre-bookings can come with or without a deposit. I require a $100 deposit for the cities listed on my Patronage page due to high NC/NS rates in said cities. Yes…a few bad apples can ruin it for the bunch sadly.

    I hope that you found this post helpful and that it has aided you in your decision making process of who you should become a patron of and how to go about have the experiences of a lifetime!



    Alexandria Fox

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