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    Heterosexual men generally don’t really put much thought into what goes into preparing to receive anal penetration. It seems that many think of the act as “clean” just as what they view in pornography as they watch many porn actors–male and female–easily receive anal penetration (of any size) as the giver just thrusts away.

    Guys…seriously…it doesn’t work that way. Here’s the proper way to prepare yourself or ask your partner to prepare for a trip to the Grecian Isles.


    The human large intestine is made up of three main parts: Ascending, Transverse and Descending colon. We will focus on what’s going on with the descending colon—particularly the sigmoid colon, rectum and anal canal for this article. When anal penetration occurs, most of what’s being penetrated is the anal canal (2.5 cm—4cm) and the rectum (~12 cm). As organic matter moves through all portions of the colon it is being prepped for expulsion; in the sigmoid water and gas are removed and the rectum is the final destination before the package is ready to be expelled. Due to the nature of the average American diet, many people do not properly receive the nervous signals that say, “Hey I am full! Heed the call of Nature!” and many of us are sitting around sometimes for several days with full rectums. We are dehydrated and do not get enough insoluble fiber in our diets and thus peristalsis is significantly slowed or virtually absent. So here’s the deal: Clean your rectum BEFORE engaging in anal play of any kind! Your play partner will thank you plus it makes for a clean experience each time.

     How to Prepare: It is Best to Take a Day or Two

    Many of us who enjoy using strap on dildos on our play partners often report the usage of an enema on the part of brucemedical_2272_6254744our play partners just before play. STOP IT! DON’T DO IT AGAIN! JUST STOP! Using an enema before play is not only unhealthy for the tissues of the rectum and anus but it doesn’t make for a comfortable experience on our or your part. The stretching of the anus and friction often cause a burning sensation and we aren’t even going there about the smell. The proper way to prepare for anal play takes at least 24-72 hours. The longer you prepare, the better  and cleaner actually.

    Milk of Magnesia or Magnesium Sulfate are the best ways to prepare. Drink a properly measured dose at a minimum of 24 hours before play and if you know your body well you may need 48 hours before. Also be sure to drink enough water! I cannot stress this enough as most people are terribly dehydrated and often times just drinking water is enough to kick start intestinal peristalsis. Ideally we adults should be drinking 120–144 il_570xN.412891674_djxyounces of water each and every day. Lastly, cruciferous veggies make the digestive system happy. Broccoli, kale, cabbage, spinach, mustard and collard greens and many more are high in insoluble fiber. Also eating a teaspoon of flax can be enough to get some going as long as water intake is adequate. With the rise of colon cancers and diverticulitis in the U.S. we should be drinking enough water and eating more greens daily as it is—not just because we like our asses tampered with.

    With your water intake up and your back door clear you are ready for step two: Anal plugs! That is the secret to making anal sex look so easy in porn. According to the size of what will be inserted, your anal sphincters (yes there are two of them) will need to be relaxed in such a way that they can receive what’s being pushed towards and through them and not freak out. Glass (because they are easily disinfected) anal plugs are the way to go. They come in many sizes and you can insert them before your engagement or make them a part of the play experience. Anal training can be a fun and pleasurable experience if done properly.

     Pleasure Not Pain

    !!zz-crushedloveIf you are new to anal play, purchase a graduated set of glass anal plugs and start with the smallest. Simply insert slowly (and with plenty of lube) and leave in place until you feel your sphincters relax and accept the placement of the plug. After anywhere from 5-10 mins move up a size. Keep repeating this until the size you seek is achieved. Now you’re ready for the real thing from your strap play partner and the experience should be painless and without unusual clean up.

    I hope this article definitely helps a few guys and girls who engage in anal play frequently as both givers and receivers and I would love to hear from the community regarding tips and tricks that made for a cleaner and more comfortable experience in the practice of anal play and anal training.

    Have fun! Play safe! And always make it pleasurable for both players,

    Alexandria Fox

    Alexandria Fox

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