The Role of Racism

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    It has happened only one other time before, but the first time came with warning.  The gentleman caller asked, “I hope you aren’t offended by this, but what is the consideration for a racial role play experience?”  I thought about this at length and told him what I would consider fair for such an experience that would be new to both of us in the adult arena. “$$$$$$, is what I consider fair for the time you seek.”  Excited, he said, “We must have a safe word for when things get too uncomfortable…especially for you and for myself as well.” With a bit more chit chat the conversation ended and my new role playing racist suitor arrived a few hours later.

    So what did this suit and tie clad white male want?  He wanted a master slave role play experience and I am not referring to a domme/sub session.  This guy paid for the privilege to utter racial slurs in a sexual setting and have them hurled back at him.  He had always found Black women attractive being that he grew up poor and thus was raised in a Black neighborhood and went to Black schools until college.  He told me however, that in his household the word “nigger” was constantly on the lips of his family members and he kept his  taboo desires to himself until he walked in on his older brother and his “secret” Black girlfriend.

    So we played…it was different and mysterious to me and I will venture to say–liberating.  Our words were marked by sly smiles and giggles as we could not take ourselves seriously realizing that the words had no bite as he nor I were the nigger or the cracker that we proclaimed to be.

    Flash forward and rather than being a gentleman about it, with this particular suitor it is never mentioned before hand but maliciously and subtly hinted at from the moment I walked through his door. I was appalled by the lack of common etiquette and that this man passed screening with the highest recommendations. I was very much offended and gave none of what he sought–to derive glee out of speaking racial slurs just because my company was paid for.  Like a lady I dismissed myself, but not without first stating that his stereotypical view of Black women was unfortunate as he was missing out on one of the most sensual, erotic, intellectually deepening and eye opening experience of his life.  He fumbled, embarrassed and furious stating that he actually had a Black girlfriend but was ashamed to appear with her in public.  I smiled with poise and very gracefully said, “Apparently you did not hear a word of what I stated, Sir.” And with that I closed the door behind me.  As I sauntered past the crowds and the lustful gazes I felt as though I had won.  I KNEW I had won, because that is the role of racism in the hobby.  It renders the wearer of its cloak blind and impotent.

    Breaking stereotypes,

    The men I love also love me...and my coco skin...

    The men I love also love me…and my coco skin…

    1. “He had always found Black women attractive being that he grew up poor and thus was raised in a Black neighborhood and went to Black schools until college”
      So us attractive Black girls are to be associated synonymously with being raised poor? I was a little shocked to see you type that especially being a fan of your blog..

      temptressjessica · September 04, 2012
    2. Those are the words of a Caucasian gentleman who grew up in the South in 1956. During that time many Blacks were poor across the South–not all but many. I didn’t grow up poor and I don’t know anyone AA that really did–middle class but not poor. Over generalizing a story believing those are my beliefs or my world view misses the point of this piece. Enjoy but don’t think for a second I am narrowly focused or one dimensional.

      I love my readers and appreciate all thoughts and comments on my blog. I love the discussions, thoughts and comments that I receive from everyone and please keep them coming!

      Thank you!

      Alexandria Fox

      alexandriafox · September 04, 2012

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