The Social Media Heaux

    Alexandria Fox · March 06, 2016 · A. Fox Newsletter, Miscellaneous Ramblings · 0 comments

    I once read that Bad Girls Do It Better (yes they do Miss Rae Monroe…if you’re not a part of her fan club then you live a drab life), longer, harder and faster. Yes…yes they do. Many guys are still stuck on the big boards hoping to catch a glimpse into the true personality of their favorite sexworker or one they are considering seeing and are often being slipped a Mickey full of BS. Look guys, that board stuff is highly contrived. Why would I go and hang out in the boys locker room when the door is clearly marked, “Only CERTAIN Girls Are Allowed” when I can display what I want and how I want on one or many of the social media outlets? Boards have rules, Snapchat and Twitter have few. If I am feeling horny and need hard cock shoved down my throat and in multiple holes well I can just say so and tweet:



    Plus there is no limit on how many ways or how often I wish to pussy peddle. Social media is the cream team dream of narcissists and sexworkers the world over.

    This weekend I decided to tighten up the ship and bit and get my ass in gear. You can find me on Snapchat (AlexandriaFox1) with a new story roughly daily starting at 8am and if you want private 1-on-1 access to me then book me for a private video session and determine for yourself if leaving the boards boys locker room for social media was really worth every penny of my videos.

    I plan on staying on your mind, in your pants until I come to a city near you!

    Alexandria Fox

    Alexandria Fox




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