The Turnoff With Reviews

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    There are many in the community who have a strong distaste for the detailed reviewing system erected by many of the big boards. Sexworkers often can’t or have had a very hard time getting fake and/or malice filled reviews taken down. I personally have two very old ones that fall into this category and one guy admitted to me that he did it because I wasn’t responding to his email requests for an appointment fast enough and that when I did respond I said I was unavailable because I was at work. At the time I still held an office job and he knew this but because he was being a petulant child, he thought it best to hurt my business in the only way he knew how—write a bad review.

    Clients have reported bias when it comes to writing a review as well. If a guy wants to give a girl a 10/10 because that is what he thinks of her regarding her looks and performance, he cannot because she didn’t do certain sex acts things that warrant a 10/10 in the eyes of the system. A massage girl or straight domme, for example, cannot get a 10/10 according to this system because there was no sex act. Then there’s the issue with the detail of the reviews. Guys have also reported that if their review doesn’t give an enormous amount of detail regarding what and how it happened as well as the conditions under which it happened then their review of the provider will not get posted.

    I don’t want to come off dogging the review system because there are pros to the system for both provider and hobbyist alike. One major pro is legitimacy: When a provider has (at a minimum for a new provider) at least five recent and positive (8/8 or above) reviews along with a website it shows that she is legit and a real person. There are a lot of set ups, fakes and women who simply offer poor service in shitty conditions in this business and suitors and providers need some way to weed such ladies out and the clients who frequent them. I will not take references from women who advertise exclusively on BackPage, lack a professionally done website and who do not have at a minimum five recent reviews with an 8/8 or above if she is brand new to the business. Nine times out of ten the guy seeking me out under these circumstances does not fit my ICP (ideal client profile) and we most likely will not be a good fit for each other.

    If you have not come to realize that each date with a provider is a co-creation that happens between the woman and her suitor and not something that can be bought off the shelves of mass production then you are what’s wrong with the system.

    The problem is there are many cons. First and foremost is the amount of detail put into a review is often a great bit of fiction and often puts a provider in a position where it is assumed she does certain things that she many not. Guys, if you have not come to realize that each date with a provider is unique to you and you alone then you’re thinking about these encounters in the wrong way. Many top providers strive to create chemistry with their suitors and depending upon what that is will affect what does and doesn’t happen behind closed doors. Sex is sex and a good fuck is always a good thing but chemistry that truly lower inhibitions and allows a sexual creative space to form between two people is an entirely different animal. If all a guy does is sit around and read reviews and never goes to a provider’s website and asks her himself AFTER HE HAS PASSED HER SCREENING REQUIREMENTS and the appointment set inquires as to what is on her menu then he may be in for a bit of disappointment if he walks in thinking one dimensionally. I had some luck in getting one review taken down that said I gave someone an around the world PSE experience which is something I would never, ever do because of the health dangers involved but I have had dates where the chemistry was so thick that I for a second wanted the guy for myself beyond the time schedule for just hard, rough, sweaty sex. Why he wrote that? Who knows but he did me no favors by writing a rather explicit piece of fiction.

    A massage girl or straight domme, for example, cannot get a 10/10 according to this system because there was no sex act.

    Why can’t the review system be one of simplicity? Rate providers on several set qualities: Personal hygiene, does she match her pictures, would you see her again, cleanliness and safety of location. If a guy wants to provide details allow for details such as, “She arrived casually dressed but quite sexy. Her hair was in a tousled ponytail and her smile broad and welcoming. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed instantly and we chatted a bit before the real fun began. Guys, if you haven’t seen her you are passing over a gem as I highly recommend her. As long as you read her requirements on her website and are a gentleman this girl will blow you away.” Nice enough, informative and not crass, filthy or grossly exaggerated.

    Those that want change to the system must actively call for and petition for change. At the moment the system is broken and many of us know of and how others are gaming it unfairly to their advantage. I know so many sexworkers who have asked to be delisted and guys who state they don’t read or write reviews anymore it speaks quite well to the problem. The issue is: Will the boards listen?

    Alexandria Fox

    Alexandria Fox


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