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    Alexandria Fox · March 26, 2014 · Sexwork: Past and Present · 1 comments


    A not exactly new service is making big waves for guys and gals in the hobby and it is making everyone’s lives easier, safer and lots more fun! Verify Him is an online client screening tool that outpaces any other online screening tool that is available for providers these days.

    The tool offers a clean and streamlined way to screen your suitors without being majorly intrusive into your gentleman caller’s personal and work life which I am sure that the fellas will like. The interface is developing but please don’t let this stop you from using the service because what it does is sound and FAST! No more missed connections because a provider reference took too long to contact you back or because a potential was worried about giving alot of detail. ┬áLadies you can rest assured that using Verify Him will keep you safe at home and when you are on tour. Recommend that your personal assitant and friends use it as well!

    You can purchase a subscription on a monthly basis for a small fee to start or purchase the service for a year and just not worry about keeping up with payments. I recommend purchasing for the year as it is a nominal fee and wise investment.

    Here’s to playing safe guys and gals!

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    1. I never realized how beautiful your skin is! Lovely picture!

      Randy · March 26, 2014

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