What I Do Not Engage In

    Alexandria Fox · January 22, 2017 · The Do's & Don'ts According to Alex · 0 comments

    We have all have had the experience of being requested and/or forced to do something that we do not enjoy, right? Everyone hates Mondays as a collective. I am surprised that there hasn’t Change.org petition started yet in an attempt to abolish them. I know of no one that likes to take out the trash, scoop cat poop, work late on Fridays or work on a group project with underachievers.

    Aside from the mundane, yawn-inducing events of everyday life there are several things that I do not enjoy engaging in and will not do as a sex worker no matter how much money is involved. The most commonly requested act is Greek. While I will perform anal penetration (pegging) with glee on you, making a request to do it to me will elicit this response:

    Before you get into, “Have you tried it, though?” My answer is yes. And I have even done it in my sex worker past as well as my civilian past. I still don’t like it. It’s just one of those things that I do not receive pleasure from and I find preparing for it anxiety inducing.

    Lesser known activities to the vanilla crowd are scat play and taking the submissive role. Simply put, scat play is playing with human fecal matter. We all have seen “Two Girls, One Cup” back in 2007 (if you haven’t you have been warned) and it was like watching a poop train wreck with vomit for color. Oddly fascinating and grossly disturbing, the interwebs’ attention was held captive as the video went viral around the world. None of us could look away even though we wanted to and we shared the video with every email in our contacts list.

    By my very nature, I am not a submissive and do not enjoy taking a submissive role in BDSM and fetish play. If you are a dominant seeking a submissive or the type of guy that once dated a submissive woman who was into submissive things (i.e. being lightly choked, slapped, talked down to, etc) then I am definitely not the play partner you seek. What you seek is a true submissive or a switch.

    How I feel when someone asks if they can pay extra for BBFS

    I feel like this does not warrant mentioning because it should be common sense in 2016, but given my interest in infectious disease, I must talk about it. Why in the world would I offer such a thing as an adult companion?! If you are having unprotected sex with or desire unprotected sex from a woman that you are not 100% monogamous with, you seriously need to rethink your regard for your health and the health of the people in your personal life. HIV/AIDS is real shit, it happens to people young and old and it can happen to YOU if you are not carefully practicing safe sex with each sexual encounter! 

    Even the lowest volume adult companion still has 50+ sexual encounters in a 12-month span. RE-READ THAT SENTENCE AGAIN PLEASE! I am not often courted by new suitors and many of the kink and fetish activities I engage in do not involve intercourse; however, I care about my sexual health and I get tested every 2 months no matter what to ensure that I am healthy and that everything is functioning as it should. I want to live to see the A.I. Sex Robots, humans in hover chairs like on Wall-E, the Rapture and when Betty White dies and is resurrected on the third day and all of humanity discovers that she is really Jesus who has been living among us all this time. I am aware that the general population gets tested on average only whenever they suspect something is wrong which equates to “inconsistently”. Why would I want to have unprotected sex with anyone when I am a sex worker? Why would you want to have unprotected sex with a sex worker—ANY TYPE OF SEX WORKER (strippers, cam girls, sugar babies and even certain types of waitresses are considered sex workers)?! Seriously think about that for a second, please? While it is true that most STD/STI’s can be dealt with by taking a pill or getting a shot in the ass there are many that no amount of AJAX, bleach or prayer to a particular god will heal. Why open yourself up to contracting HIV, herpes or hepatitis? GET CHECKED REGULARLY! Oh and wash your hands!

    CDC Handwashing Guidelines

    Fecal-Oral Disease Transmission

    These CDC guidelines are for the general population but if you are engaging in high-frequency sexual activity you should be getting checked every 3-6 months FOR ALL STD/STI’s!

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