Why Heauxs Need to Collectively Encourage the Death of Backpage

    Alexandria Fox · July 12, 2017 · Sexwork: Past and Present · 0 comments

    “Placing ads on BP is like trying to get blood from a drained corpse…it’s just not going to happen”

    These were my exact words spoken out loud to a fellow sex worker as she lamented to me that her ads seemed to go up but weren’t searchable on the site. She was a massage girl who was used to her phone ringing off the hook before the popular site was catapulted infamously into to the public eye. She continued to do a steady clip of business thereafter when the switch was made to the “women for men” section of the site, but now many ladies around the country are reporting crickets. Their emails boxes are no longer full and phones lay silent day after day.


    There is a well-known site where ladies can go and safely let our hair down and talk–a place where we can vent about the ups and downs we encounter in the world of sex work. Since the BP scandal there has been open mass panic in our private chat rooms and on #escorttwitter.  Around the U.S.—from small towns to major cities—ladies openly wondered WTF they were going to do now that the #1 site in sex work advertising has voluntarily shut down its escort section.

    Let Them Eat Cake!

    Soon the champagne sipping Chanel colored lips of the upper echelons of whoredom started in on anyone who would dare admit to ever having used Backpage.


    “Good riddance! Maybe now the “trash” can finally be put back on the street where it deserves to be.”

    “The worst thing that ever happen to sex work was when smart phones became cheap enough to where every hoodrat and wannabe pimp could afford them. They make it hard for those of us who know our worth and are willing to charge for it.”

    “Pimps discovered the internet…for the lord giveth and the lord taketh away **cackles**”

    I watched in horror on Twitter as the purveyors of whorearchy verbally bitch slapped women who engage in survival sexwork or who simply used Backpage as an additional/supplemental advertising medium. The “Marie Antionettes” of #escorttwitter collectively said: “I don’t see what the problem is. They should be glad it’s gone. Get over it and advertise somewhere else.” (read Wiki citation) For a good long while I was gob smacked by their blunted affect and calloused responses.


    I then posted up a Global Places to Advertise link (email for access) on my Twitter page that I had been using for ages and encourage others to add to the spreadsheet. In hindsight and rather ignorantly I thought I was helping…maybe it did…but I am able to give an honest critique of my reasoning and say that it was my passive aggressive response to the “gives zero fucks” comments made by the whorearchy. It was me saying, “I know I look like them with my fancy photos, website and high rates, but I am not like them and watch me prove it to you.”

    I like many others I love and associate with can’t stand whorearchy and want ladies who engage in survival sex work or who place ads in low brow places to understand as they read this that all that glitters isn’t gold and that all high-end sexworkers aren’t smugly looking down from ivory towers at you. We see you out there, plastering a smile on your brave face trying to make it through another day. We see you working with every gift you’ve got and there are those of us you can reach out to who stand in solidarity with you, but I want to tell you this though, Sis:




    You want to know why your phone is not ringing but it appears that you have ads up? There a such thing on Backpage called “ghost ads” and this phenomenon was well known to bot advertisement placers as early as 2010. You place an ad and a few minutes later receive a link that your ad has gone up. You get dolled up and ready for work only to find your phone not ringing and email box empty. You place another ad, and another. You discover that sometimes you get a “straggler email” but the volume and consistency isn’t there. You just think to yourself, “Well with everything going on BP is just more crowed because we are all crammed into one place.” Don’t gaslight yourself, Girl. Advertising on Backpage is a massive waste of your time.


    The other thing is Backpage—like its evil twin allows for community removal of ads. Picture this: You are planning a tour to DC, Boston and NYC and drop $495 on Eros ads. A few hours later you log in to discover your ads have been “Community Removed” but the catch is there is NO ONE YOU CAN REACH OUT TO FIND OUT WHY and you will never see a dime of that $495 that you just spent on those ads back! High-end companions would be outraged if the same thing were happening in the top tiers of this business on places they advertise. Yeah, you might just have spent $25-$50 on auto reposts and sponsor ads only to see them ghosted or community removed and think, “Well it’s the price of advertising on BP” but you need to stop thinking like that. YOU ARE BEING STOLEN FROM!


    Since BP no longer provides any customer support to persons placing adult ads (before it was mediocre at best) this is theft plain and simple and we collectively need to understand this and stop using this defunct site. Have I used BP? Yes, I have—especially if going to smaller towns and cities in the Southeastern US, but I will not do that anymore after having $50 worth of ads snatched down and/or ghosted and my money stolen from me. I got fed up and spent hours combing the internet and vetting various sites to find new places to place ads in smaller towns and cities I travel to or seek to attract clients from. (Sidenote: I can hear someone saying why do you want clients from these places anyway? Ummm…doctors, bankers, lawyers, business owners, builders, etc. live in these places and will book us…we just never travel there or lure them to us!)


    There are plenty of classified ad sites that do not have the community removal policy, that are not ghosting our ads and that have adult sections (with better layouts I might add) AND that have smaller towns and cities listed. If you are interested in the list, I will give it to you for FREE and I encourage us all to migrate away from Backpage . Also, add to it and share with your fellows. To re-state my original thesis:


    “Placing ads on BP is like trying to get blood from a drained corpse…it’s just not going to happen.”

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