Why I Will Never Attend Another Provider Meet and Greet

    Alexandria Fox · March 08, 2016 · Miscellaneous Ramblings, Sexwork: Past and Present · 0 comments
    Illustration by Tyler Wintermute

    Illustration by Tyler Wintermute

    I officially said good-bye to attending provider meet and greets. I have never seen any guy that attends them and the type of guys in attendance are often serial hobbyist—the type of client I want to steer as far away from as possible. I’m sure there is a provider “type” that do well at these sort of events but I decided in 2015 after attending my 3rd event that I was not that girl.

    Imagine a private room in a bar or restaurant filled men between 35-65 all dressed in office business casual. Some are nervous and twitchy others strut with the narcissistic self-assuredness of human peacocks as they ogle the women in attendance from their corner of the rooms deciding which to cull from the herd as if the women are nothing more than unwitting lambs. The women are scantily clad and most of them in attendance are from local agencies that will later be auctioned off by their respective agency owners to the lucky hobbyist who wins the raffle for the evening. Yes…pussy is on the auction block for the evening.

    “Wow you actually look better in person than you do in your pictures. [Sneering and looking me up and down] I might decide to come and see you.”

    As one guy put it at the last event I attended, “A meet and greet is a place where you can go and kick a few tires before deciding to buy the car.” I was utterly disgusted by this statement but not at all surprised. The eyes that ogle and roam the room filled with nearly bare breasts and legs, the tongues that run themselves across lips as they lust after what is seen before them all tell the same story of the serial hobbyist: A guy who truly has no regard for the sexworker and sees her purely as the commodity she’s selling and is trying to get the best price for the hottest girl. This girl will usually be one that works for a local agency and one that guys behind the scenes on the hobby boards have requested that her name be placed in the date pussy auction bowl. Sometimes the girl is aware of this, but as one former agency girl informed me, “I was told to show up by the owner as they needed more girls present but I did not know about the auction until my name was called.” I was aghast at how an agency will auction a girl off for a date unknowingly as though she is their property.

    The three times I went word always got back to me about something some hobbyist said: “I don’t like her hair (if I wear my natural curls), Alex is too intimidating/outspoken or the best she’s sexy but her rate is too high.” Let me stop right there and laugh a good one! I know plenty of ladies who request a great deal more than I do for their time and who these jackwagons choose to go and see them in droves as their prolific reviews attest.

    I am not the vanilla Hagen Daz they seek: A common product that people pay a premium for simply because it is the right kind of bland and has a good reputation among its other consumers (thank you Ava Raleigh for this quip).

    But what these guys fail to realize is that they do not fit my ICP which is why I have only been to three events and will never go to one again. These guys are the reviewers who slam sexworkers in reviews for the slightest of things all in the name of accuracy (sarcasm) or pen highly imaginative circle jerk reviews that barely contain one shred of truth. Do I have reviews? Yes, I do and once actively solicited them until I understood the harm they do, now I kindly request that anyone who sees me not write them as what happens between two consenting adults should remain private. There are enough reviews of me for a new suitor to get the idea that 1) I am real 2) a safe provider to see but if he wants more than that—if he seeks to get to know my personality and see me in real time then he should hit my blog or follow me on Twitter or better yet—ASK!

    Farewell meet and greets,

    Alexandria Fox

    Alexandria Fox

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